Why Allied Doctors

Allied Doctors is a Third Party Administrator Company. Established in June 2000 to administer medical policies for Insurance Companies or Self-Funded schemes. The Company is owned by Dr. Mohsen M. Helmy one of the pioneers of medical insurance business in the Arab world.

Presently, the Company has the largest adherent's numbers in Egypt, around 100,000 participants either as group or individually insured. Also we entered the field of self-funded schemes for large corporations as The National Societe Generale Bank (NSGB) , The Blom Bank of Egypt, Ernst & Young and Minapharm.

Allied Doctors has developed medical and financial auditing software that is able to manage and audit electronically the medical schemes. Currently we manage 100 clinics in Egypt's 29 governorates.

Allied Doctors medical team is formed by 250 field doctors, 11 medical supervisors, 6 Information Technology experts, 20 Auditors and 13 among office managers. Our financial Auditing firm is Ernst & Young which can provide a detailed financial structure of the Company.
As a service company, Our paid capital is 1,000,000 LE and our due-diligence is worth around 30,000,000 LE.

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