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Service outpatient clinics:

In major hospitals discount ranges from up to 50%.

Hospitals service:

  • External section (labs, X-rays) special discount Up to 20%.
  • Treatment in internal section, discount starts Up to to 30% on items subject to the deduction such as residency, labs and X-rays and opening of operation rooms and physiotherapy.

Pharmacies service:

This is done through a series of major contracted pharmacies and the enjoyment of a discount up to 12% on local medicine.

Analysis services:

Card holders enjoy a special discount with major labs starting from Up to 30%.

X-Rays service:

Card holders enjoy a special discount with major radiology centers starting Up to 35%.

Emergency Service:

  • The Company allocated a working 24 hours hotline number 19010 under the supervision of specialized doctors, in the service of emergency situations as well as to facilitate the receiving of service to the hospitals and analysis centers and X-rays.
  • The company appointed a doctor in all governorates of the Republic to oversee the company customers at the contracted hospitals.

 How to receive service:

  • First: pharmacies: By reviewing the medical card.
  • Second: analysis centers and X-rays: By a copy of the medical card.
  • Third : Hospitals : By the medical card and preferably reporting to the hotline number 19010  when entering of the date of entry in order to facilitate the receiving and sending the reduction letter by the Department of customer service and making sure the customer grants contracted discount rates.

Membership Fees:

  • Call for latest annual membership fees.
  • Special prices for companies.

Allied-Doctors issue the card to our service users containing the member's name and medical code and emergency telephone numbers and customer service.

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